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SWT Final Scheduled Workings

73235 at Waterloo) The last diagrammed round trip - 73235 stands at the head of the 8 slam formation at Waterloo before working the 21.53 Waterloo-Alton service on Friday 20th May

73235 at Surbiton At Surbiton before departure to Alton

photographs by James Stearn

South West Trains was the first former Southern Region TOC to withdraw slam door units (save those retained to work the Lymington branch) with the last day of diagrammed Mk1 workings being Friday 20th May. When 1316 & 3536, which had been working a Waterlo-Windsor diagram all day, arrived back at Waterloo off the 20.23 Windsor - Waterloo service EDL 73235 was attached to them to work the 21.53 Waterloo - Alton and 23.44 Alton - Farnham, which was then extended to Woking running non stop. The final working was then ECS to Wimbledon Traincare Depot.

To cap this there was a special run between Waterloo and Bournemouth on Thursday 26th May; the 11:35 Waterloo to Bournemouth formed of 1396+3536+1398. Prior to departure there were speeches from Graham Eccles (Chairman of South West Trains) and Stephen Ladyman (Minister of State, Department for Transport). Dr Ladyman waved a green flag as the train left. Announcements were made on the train that this was SWT's last slam door train in ordinary service on the main line.Staff were on the platforms at most station to watch the train pass.

Despite a slight check at Wimbledon, the train was on time at Woking. Unfortunately a check and some slow running south of Worting Junction resulted in three minutes lateness at Winchester. There was no chance of recovering this through quick station stops due to people leaping out of the front carriage to take photographs. Some spirited running through the New Forest followed but a signal stop outside Bournemouth Central station resulted in four minutes late arrival. (Account by Gregory Beecroft). To view photographs please click here.

However, this was not quite the last run on the main line since there was also a staff railtour on June 11th and a public railtour on June 18th.

This is believed to be the "active" SWT Mk1 fleet at the close of play:
3 Cig - 1497, 1498, 1499
4 Cig - 1316, 1392, 1395, 1396, 1397 & 1398
4 Vep - 3417, 3536 & 3811

VDU at Woking The departure indicator at Woking telling the story

photographs by Anthony Poulton
u1396 at Bournemouth 1396 at the head of the train at Bournemouth Central after arrival on Thursday 26th May

photographs by Anthony Poulton