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SWT Last Run: Waterloo to Bournemouth

A special last main line run happened on Thursday 26th May when the 11.35 Waterloo - Weymouth service as far as Bournemouth Central was formed of 1396+3536+1398.  (A class 442 units worked the service between Bournemouth and Weymouth). The units then ran ECS to Bournemouth TRSMD.

The service was timetabled as follows:

Waterloo (dep) 11.35
Clapham Junction (pass) 11.41
Wimbledon (pass)11.44
New Malden (pass) 11.46
Surbiton (pass)11.48
Woking (arr)11.58 (dep)12.00
Farnborough Main (pass)12.08
Basingstoke (pass)12.18
Worting Junction 12.20
Winchester (arr) 12.32 (dep)12.33
Shawford (pass)12.36
Eastleigh(pass) 12.39
Southampton Parkway (arr) 12.41 (dep) 12.42
St Denys (pass)12.45
Southampton Central (arr) 12.49(dep)12.51
Redbridge (pass)12.54
Brockenhurst(arr)13.04 (dep)13:05
Bournemouth Central (arr)13.20.
1896 before departure Before departure, 1396 at the head of the train at Waterloo

Photographs by R.M. Brumé
open doors on the Vep unit A once familiar sight will soon be a thing of the past

Photographs by R.M. Brumé
speech underway Graham Eccles, Chairman of South West Trains. speaks whilst the Minister of State Dr. Stephen Ladyman looks on

Photographs by R.M. Brumé
right away Dr. Ladyman gives the right away in the traditional manner

Photographs by R.M. Brumé
1396 approaches Woking Greyhound Cig 1396 at the head of the 12 slam formation enters platform 4 at Woking.

photograph by Anthony Poulton
watch those heads, naughty! A bit later the train approaches Basingstoke with one of the units' replacement Desiro types on an adjacent track.

photograph by Stewart Watt