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Thameslink (TSGN) Class 700 Interiors Mock-up

General view of the display in hall S11 at Excel

The Thameslink Programme and First Capital Connect displayed mock-ups of interiors of the future Siemens Class 700 units at Excel, Docklands, London on 28th and 29th January 2014. The first day was the launch for the railway industry, politicians and press, the second day for railway staff in the morning and for the public in the afternoon. Within Hall S11 there were comprehensive displays detailing aspects of the Thameslink Programme, a bogie and a two car mock-up.

photograph by Colin Duff

Cab front of the mock-up

The Class 700 is the first of Siemens' new Desiro City range with a cab front which is not unlike the cab front of a Class 380 unit without the corridor connection.

photograph by Colin Duff

Cab door

The offside cab door and footsteps. Note the graphical representation of the bogie!

photograph by Ashley Saunders

Car sides of the mock-up

Two generic cars, which appeared to be made from, amongst other materials, plywood, were available to walk through. The interiors did not represent the configurations of two actual cars but were designed to display aspects of a whole 8/12 car train. The front car contained a cab, first class accommodation and a wheelchair accessible lavatory, the second car standard class accommodation including a wheelchair position, bicycle storage and a standard (i.e. small) lavatory.

photograph by Colin Duff

CCTV door camera

A door camera, which appears to be similar to those used on Classes 377 and 379.

photograph by Graham Feakins

First Class Accommodation
Door into firts class accommodation

At long last a return to slam doors on a train! This being the door into the first class saloon. However, is this wise? There are going to be difficulties opening it when the vestibule is packed with standing standard class passengers.

photograph by Graham Feakins

First class acommodation

On this mock-up the first class accommodation was behind the cabs, as per the proposed configuration for real 8 and 12 car units. 2+ 2 seating throughout and this is where you need to be on the train to have a table.

photograph by Colin Duff

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