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Below-The-Window Motor Chassis from Replica

The below-the-window motor chassis developed by Replica Railways for their R-T-R MLV model is now available to buy as an accessory to power various EMU kits. It is currently available as a nominal 64ft chassis with 46ft 6in bogie centres, 8ft 6in to 8ft 9in bogie wheelbase, with either 3ft diameter (12mm) or 3ft 6in diameter (14mm) wheels. A 57ft nominal version will be available eventually.

A heavy diecast chassis contains two open motors, each driving both axles of a bogie via a shaft and gear tower. Electrically it is "DCC Ready". A plastic frame surounds the chassis which permits mounting into a body and to take underframe components. Each bogie has detachable thin sideframes to which detailed dummy sideframes can be mounted. The chassis provides a powerful drive which can haul and propel approximately nine other coaches. It will fit Replica coach bodies directly and with simple adaption the bodies of many Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 MU kits and R-T-R coaches. Fitting into Hastings Gauge DEMU models will require some slimming or removal of the plastic frame.

The SEG Modelling Secretary has tested the chassis and found it will fit DC Kits Mk1 BR(S) EMU bodies (14mm wheels) and with and easy and slight adaptation Bratchell Models Mk3 bodies (12mm wheels). It runs smoothly and powerfully straight out of the box and improves with running in.

This chassis is a welcome development and is highly recommended. The price is £65 - similar to a model diesel/electric locomotive with a high quality drive.

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Replica power chassis elevation view
Replica power chassis plan view