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Southern Electric Modelling

Welcome to the modelling section of this website.   It is our intention to make this a comprehensive reference source for all those that model, or are thinking about modelling, the Southern Electric system.  Initially coverage will be heavy on 4mm scale, which reflects the most commonly modelled scale, but over time we hope to expand coverage of other scales.  However, as the SEG Modelling Secretary is a 4mm scale modeller, assistance from those that model in other scales is positively welcomed.

OO/HO gauge track with conductor rail

Colin Duff is the group's Modelling Secretary.  He will be pleased to answer any reasonable queries about modelling the Southern Electric system but regrets he cannot undertake extensive research for you. However, the answer to many common queries can be found somewhere in these pages.

The Southern Electric system has not been well represented by mass production ready to run (RTR) models in any scale. However, there is a flourishing industry providing kits and conversion/detailing parts.  If you are not able to build a kit there are professional model builders who will do it for you - but at a significant cost (order of £nnn.00 per car).  Some kit manufacturers will also provide some of their products custom built ready to run but at a cost greater than mass produced ready to run models. The cheaper versions will be light on detail like handrails, grab rails, door handles, hinges, etc. - adding detail takes time therefore adds appreciably to the cost.   Custom built ready to run models with lots of detail will cost as much as commissioning a kit to be built by a professional model maker.  The SEG is unable to provide details of professional model makers - please look for advertisements in model railway magazines.  You are also strongly advised to view examples of their work or get personal recommendations before entering a contract to have a model built for you.

Tin Hal plus 4Sub Many units during peak hours!
Some examples of Southern Electric modelling by Aryan Snowsill
who also took the photographs
Bulleid diesel 10203 Electro-diesel plus Thameslink 319172

If you need information about the prototype please see other sections of this website. In particular you might find data pages in our Features section helpful.