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Halling model of Bombardier 400 series tram in Croydon Tramlink livery .....suitable for running in the background of a modern-image south London layout? In 2008 London's Transport Museum Shop commissioned from Austria based model tram manufacturer Halling a limited run of Bombardier 4000 series trams in Croydon Tramlink livery. These are produced in HO scale (1:87) but in the opinion of the reviewer will fit in with a 4mm scale (1:76) layout if carefully placed within the overall perspective , especially as they are not directly comparable to railway rolling stock.

These models were available as powered versions at £89.99 and unpowered versions at £59.99. The powered models feature a not quite below the floor drive mechanism that does not permit a fully detailed interior, however a spirited 8 wheel drive (onto the outer bogies) is the result. The above picture was taken prior to fitting of destination blinds, for which a sheet of self-adhesive signs of a number of routes and destinations is supplied, and rear view mirrors. Tram numbers 2532 and 2545 are available.

The reviewer is most definitely not an expert on Croydon Tramlink, but his first impressions are that the ends of this model appear slightly more rounded that on the real thing and the windows reflect the trams in as-delivered condition before additional hopper ventilator windows were fitted. The wheels are miniature pizza-cutters but it is doubtful if reliable running on wheels of such a small diameter and around sharp tram curves could be achieved with Proto 1:87 standards! However, this is a very smart model with excellent flush glazing produced by the livery and details being printed onto clear plastic sides, and how else are you going to get a model of Croydon Tramlink stock without scratch building? The reviewer is not in a position to comment about the accuracy of roof mounted detail which appears as a number of grey rectangular boxes. This model definitely needs suitable advertising posters just below roof level though!

These models sold out fast so are now potentially only available on the secondhand market.