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4mm scale mass-produced ready to run EMUs - Triang

Below are illustrations of 4mm scale EMUs  produced ready-to-run by major manufacturers. Details of how to contact manufacturers and suppliers can be found in our modelling contacts section.

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Triang R156+R225 ... "2"
Triang EMU - click to view larger picture
Between 1957 and 1964 Triang produced a Southern EMU model which has variously been described as a "Bil", "Nol" or "Sub". In fact it is none of those. The cars modelled, S1052S+S1057S, are actually a freelance 1920/30s design suburban EMU.  The model is very crude by today's standard but it was a "state of the art toy" when it first appeared.  It features a hefty motor bogie which will probably go on forever which also had serrated wheels intended to aid adhesion but actually had the opposite effect as they gathered gunk!  It also featured (at least in early versions) protruding axle ends in unpowered bogies.  The key feature was an illuminated headcode box in the motored car only.  The cars are far from being scale length.  The model pictured is a repainted example picked up at a Swapmeet for £40.   The dreaded serrated wheels have been replaced by nearer to scale nickel silver wheels obtained from Modelspares Burnley (see contacts list).
Triang EMU - click to view larger picture