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4mm scale mass-produced ready to run EMUs - Hornby Class 395

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Hornby Class 395 unit - click to view larger picture

Hornby's rendition of Hitachi Class 395 "Bullet Train" units (regularly incorrectly referred to as Javelin units outside of their London 2012 Olympics context) appeared in November 2009, a few weeks ahead of the launch of the full timetable of the real sized stock. The models being produced as R2821 4 car pack DCC ready, R2821X 4 car pack DCC fitted, R4382 MSO and R4383 MSO for unit 395001. Although not having the separately applied detail of Hornby's new issue HST power cars, these models are fine representations of the sleek real thing.

When it comes to producing Southern EMUs one might think Hornby have a thing about units that run in their home county of Kent!



Hornby Class 395 unit - click to view larger picture

Other, subsequent, Class 395 models (realistic versions) have been:

  • R2972 + R4452 + R4453 395003 "Sir Steve Redgrave" Southeastern
  • R3185 395004 "Sir Chris Hoy" with Javelin branding. Note Hornby do not intend to produce cars 4 and 5 for this version and advise that R4452 & R4453 for 39503 are still in stock. There is an opportunity for an enterprising manufacturer to produce re-numbering transfers here!

Photographs of these have not been posted because aside from car/unit numbering and Javelin branding on 395004 they look the same!