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Dapol's New Electro-Diesels

30th January 2017: Within the past few days Dapol have announced a second batch of five regular production JA/JBs. We have deferred publishing details until now as early product descriptions were lacking sufficient detail. More information has now become available, however the currently available descriptions still may not be definitive. Add suffix "D" for DCC fitted and "S" for DCC/Sound fitted versions.

  • DA4D-006-010 E6004 BR Green, Grey/Green Solebar
  • DA4D-006-011 73109 Network SouthEast "Battle of Britain"
  • DA4D-006-012 73235 South West Trains
  • DA4D-006-013 73202 Southern
  • DA4D-006-014 E6002 BR Green, No Yellow Warning Panel

Hopefully this batch will be manufactured with liveries more accurate than the first batch and BR Green = BR(S) Green.....