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Bratchell Southern 455/8

Bratchell Models 455841, in Southern livery prior to refurbishment, in ready to motorise condition

Released in laet October 2010 was Bratchell Model's 455/8 ready painted kit, or built ready to motorise, as 455841 in Southern livery prior to refurbishment. I have been told this unit did unit carry Southern branding at this stage and this is how the model is represented. The specification and quality are similar to the NSE 5835 reviewed on the following page.


Bachmann Second Batch 4Ceps

Two versions of the second batch of Bachmann 4Ceps had are now available; 31-425A "early" green condition and 31-426A "late" green. In terms of specification they appear identical to there corresponding first batch versions, this time the "early" green unit being 7141, supplied with large numeral headcodes 5, 62 and double white blanks, and the "late" green unit being 7128, supplied with small numeral headcodes 4, 82 and double red blanks. The final second batch model, 31-427A in blue and grey, was listed on the Bachmann Europe website on 11th November as coming into stock within the next 60 days.