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Ready painted Class 455/9 kit

One DTSO of 455609 model in Network SouthEast livery

photograph by Colin Duff

Bratchell Models have long offered a "Ready-to-Motorise" (RTM) option, which provides a painted and assembled kit requiring a motor bogie to be supplied and fitted by the purchaser to complete. However, a new option introduced with their Class 455/9 kit is "Ready to Assemble" (RTA) providing the kit with painted sides and cab fronts. Currently this option is available as unit 5909 in late Network SouthEast livery. As with the straight kit, elements of "Southern" detailing such as jumper cables, conductor rail pickups, correct couplings and under floor details will require attention from the purchaser, who might also like to consider adding interiors and grab rails. However, in the opinion of the reviewer the RTA option, at around £9 per car additional to the price of the kit, is excellent value for money as the finish is to a very good standard. It includes details such as representations of door rubbers, sub-sector branding (South West Lines), door buttons and doors released lights. Upgrading to RTM for an additional £40 is also available if you do not want to risk a solvent-laden finger-print spoiling the fine finish! For more details, please click here.

The RTA option, with a range of liveries, may be extended to other kits if there is sufficient customer demand.

The above picture shows MBSO 77830 of unit 5909 purchased as "Ready To Motorise" prior to "Southern" and other details being added.