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Class 455 Trailer Standard 71731

On the 5th October 2005 class 455 TS 71731 was scrapped at Alstom Eastleigh.  This car had an interesting history.

In connection with the Crossrail project two class 455 trailer standards were modified to take plug doors.  Car number 71731, originally from unit 5918, was fitted with doors by Westinghouse and 71732, originally from unit 5919, with doors from Faiveley.  Both cars ran in passenger service in this condition, 71731 in units 5905 and 5912 and 71732 in 5918.   After an extended period in service it was found that the modification weakened the overall structure.  71732 was strengthened and re-fitted with sliding doors and remains in service in unit 5918.  (5918 ran as a three car unit without 71732 between April 2000 and February 2001).   However, when 5912 went to Eastleigh for overhaul in December 1998 71731 was removed and placed into "spare".  Pictorial evidence indicates that since it was unusable it was cannibalised for parts.  However latterly 71731 was found one final job - as a demonstrator of the new bright red suburban livery for South West Trains' refurbished 455 units, the refurbishment being done at  Alstom Eastleigh.

71731 with its plug doors closed At Clapham Junction with its doors closed , this is 71731 during June 1994 whilst running in unit 5905. Note the taller than usual size of the windows in the doors and the slots on either side of the doors.

photograph by John Lewis
71731's plug doors partially open The plug doors being opened, photographed at Clapham Junction on 24 June 1994.

photograph by John Lewis.

interior of doors and door lobby The interior of one of the doorways of 71731 whilst at Clapham Junction in February 1996.

photograph by John Lewis

Incidentally, the interiors of the doors on 71732 were fitted with a darker laminate and whilst its bottom kickplate was shallower there was also an additional mechanism in the bottom corners of the doorway.  For a picture please see the Southern Railway E-Group website.
71731 in bright red SWT livery This picture of 71731 was taken at Eastleigh during the early part of August 2005. Having been cannibalised for parts, for the purpose of its livery demonstrator role it has been fitted with aluminium hopper windows from another spare trailer standard car 67400, formerly 60400, spare from 210002, 7001, 5920, 5918, and finally 5912. However, 71731 (not numbered in this picture) is in a poor state as plywood fills its door spaces, it has no corridor connections and is on jacks and accommodation bogies. The livery treatment was only applied to one side.

photograph by Mike Cook

Thanks are due to John Atkinson, Steve Wright, Mike Cook and John Lewis for assistance with the compilation of this feature.


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