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Class 465 Liveries - Page 1

For two classes with a comparatively limited sphere of operation and only ever one operating company at a time, in the past 18 years Classes 465 and 466 have run up a creditable number of livery variations - in fact the rate has been accelerating in recent times.

The Webmaster is grateful for information from Colin Price, John Atkinson and Laurie Mack, who have enlightened, corrected and confirmed the Webmaster's understanding of this topic! Please note this feature is "work in progress" and more pictures and information will be added as and when available.

Network SouthEast

465035 at Victoria on 29t January 2000

Classes 465 and 466 were introduced into service by Network SouthEast (NSE) in 1993. This feature does not seek to go into the history of these units, nor of the Networker Project (which never reached it's potential). However a brief history of their early days and the Networker Project can be found by clicking here.

Networkers were introduced in the colourful Network SouthEast livery which suited their modern design.

Kent Link Networker branding on 465225 at London Bridge on 17th May 2000 (above) 465035 departing Victoria on 29th January 2000.
photograph by Colin Duff

(left) Kent Link Networker branding captured on 465225 at London Bridge on 17th May 2000.
photograph by Colin Duff
The NSE livery lasted a long time on these classes due to the units being under manufacturer's warranty (10 years?) which, amongst other factors, meant that the paintwork could not be touched after privatisation in 1996. So Network SouthEast and Kent Link Networker branding could be seen on these classes for at least 14 years. In fact all the pictures here were taken after privatisation.
465159 passing Factory Junction on 17th September 2005 After expiry of their warranty the NSE branding was removed from some (but not all) units. On 17th September 2005 (almost 9 years after privatisation) 465 159 is still carrying a full set of NSE branding; seen here passing Factory Junction. As far as we know, units in NSE livery never carried Connex or South Eastern Trains branding.
photograph by Colin Duff
Showing removed Kent Link Networker branding However, 465022, pictured here at Paddock Wood on 15th September 2006, illustrates that removing the branding left traces of its previous identity on some units.
photograph by Colin Price
Network SouthEast branding seen on 465028 on 2nd March 2006 465028 had not had its branding removed by 2nd March 2005.
photograph by Colin Price
365505 i Network southEast livery being tested, we suspect in 1994 Although not covered extensively in this feature, the original long distance Networkers, Class 365, were delivered in Network SouthEast livery, but received a set of Connex South Eastern vinyls (see next page) before being introduced to service. This rare picture shows 365505 on test in NSE livery during 1994. The ac 365s for WAGN went into service in NSE livery, and when the South Eastern units were permanently transferred to WAGN the vinyls were removed. When 365502 was loaned to WAGN in 2002 it was temporarily overbranded.
photograph by Colin Price
465193 was the last unit in NSE livery and wore this until 14th September 2007. So on this class NSE livery lasted into a third Train Operating Company (Connex SouthEastern 1996 - 2003 > South Eastern Trains 2003 - 2006 > Southeastern Railway 2006 - to date)!