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Class 465 Liveries - Page 3

Connex white/black window cheat line/fading grey lower/yellow doors

This livery, as being applied to the new Class 375 units, started appearing on Networkers in late 2002. The units built by Metropolitan Cammel (Classes 465/2 and 466) were the first to be repainted. So about ten years after the first production units had been built which suggests the warranty was ten years. Although we do not yet have a photograph of our own one can be viewed by clicking here. We also have a picture of a model Class 466 from Hornby in this livery which can be viewed by clicking here.

465021 was the first 465/0 or 465/1 to receive this livery, it being done at Slade Green after over a year out of traffic.

Once units were in this livery a smartening up and replacing graffiti etched glazing programme progressively saw the aluminum window frames painted black. More on this topic later.

South Eastern Trains white/black window cheat line/fading grey lower /yellow doors

southeatern block compass logo Without going into historical detail, the franchise was removed from Connex in favour of publicly owned South Eastern Trains; a 'holding' train operator pending award of the franchise to another private company.
465001 at London Bridge on 6th May 2006

465/0 and 465/1 units received this livery at Stewarts Lane. Although not a very good picture 465001, at London Bridge on 6th May 2006, shows unpainted window frames.
photograph by Colin Duff
465002 approaching Sevenoaks on 19th June 2006 This picture of 465002 approaching Sevenoaks on 19th September 2006 shows the originally unpainted aluminum window frames much better.
photograph by Colin Price
465921 at Tonbridge on 6th May 2006 Again without going into the history, the 465/9 sub class was converted/refurbished from Class 465/2 units, the work being done at Doncaster. Class 465/9 units received this livery during the conversion.

Here 465921 is the rear 4 of an up working, pictured at Tonbridge on 6th May 2006. Note this unit has painted window frames, which were done as part of the refurbishment re-painting.
photograph by Colin Duff
465164 at Bickley Junction on 13th November 2007 South Eastern Trains carried "block compass" branding with lower case "southeastern" appearing in the south east quadrant. We have yet to confirm where sub-class 465/2 and Class 466 units were re-liveried.

465164 is working an Orpington- Victoria service and is pictured at Bickley Junction on 13th November 2007. Note, again, the painted window frames.
photograph by Colin Duff
465049 at Gillingham on 29th November 2006 Although covering structural modifications is not the intention of this feature, in the early part of the 21st century Class 465 and 466 units received "anticlimber" modifications to their dumb buffers to dissuade"surfing" . Basically this involved introducing a slope on the top surface, as can be seen above. However, it took a long time to get through all the units and 465049, seen here at Gillingham, had not received this modification by 29th November 2006. Nor had its window frames been painted by this time.
photograph by Colin Price
On the subject of the painted window frames. As previously mentioned, sub-class 465/9 aside, this painting was done as part of a smartening up and re-glazing programme which was done ad-hoc. There were a number of hybrid units with some cars with painted window frames and other cars with bare aluminum frames as a result of reformations - 4650007, 465010, 465155 and 465179 being noted. Reflecting the ad-hoc nature of this repainting, 465173 was briefly running as a real oddity with painted frames on one side, bare aluminum on the other. It is also known that a few of the last units in Network SouthEast and South Eastern wite/blue/yellow liveries received black painted window frames.