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Southeastern Final Scheduled Workings

Diagrams for Southeastern Trains' slam door stock were eliminated from the Carriage Working Notices (CWNs) from Monday 5th September, followed by a brief period of diagrams appearing only in the Amendments to the Carriage Working Notices (ACWNs). Remaining slam door workings were then on an ad-hoc basis (though with some regular workings noticed) until Friday 7th October.

The final services worked were familiar to those who had only recently followed the final regular workings of the Cep units, the 06.30 Ashford International to London Cannon Street (07.59), layover at Grove Park, followed by 18.04 London Cannon Street to Ashford International (19.22). The final working used 4Veps 3545, 3565 and 3568.

The Southeastern Trains final fleet was:
4 Vep - 3450, 3471, 3545, 3547, 3565, 3568

Last SouthEastern Trains slam door workings - Friday 7th October

Ashford International 06.38
Headcorn 06.49
Staplehurst 06.55
Marden 06.49
Paddock Wood 07.07
Tonbridge 07.16
Hildenborough 07.21
Sevenoaks 07.28
London Bridge 07.53
London Cannon St 07.59
London Cannon St 18.04
London Bridge 18.08
Sevenoaks 18.34
Hildenborough 18.40
Tonbridge 18.44
Paddock Wood 18.51
Marden 18.57
Staplehurst 19.01
Headcorn 19.06
Pluckley 19.13
Ashford International 19.22

The 18.04 service to Ashford International at the buffer stops at Cannon Street Seven minutes before departure, passengers, many of them commuters and unaware of the significance of this working, join the train at Cannon Street.

photograph by Colin Price
The driver of the final slam door service The driver peers out of his cab shortly before departure.

photograph by Colin Price
Last SET slam door working across the Thames Southeastern Trains' last slam door train to cross the Thames.

photograph by Colin Price
Here the 12 car formation is about to leave Ashford, ECS to Ramsgate, after working the final passenger service. Note the poignant headcode not related to its intended route - 63 for "1963 stock".

photograph by Don Benn