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Class 700 Launch at Blackfriars

The reception was roped off from the concourse

photograph by James Dixon

On 24th May 2016 Govia Thameslink Railway launched their new Siemens Class 700 units to the railway industry and the media at Blackfriars Station. The reception and ceremony was followed by a run to East Croydon, the first use of this class carrying passengers, albeit invited ones.

photograph by James Dixon

The food table

(below left) The reception in full swing.
(below right) "Captian Deltic" himself, Roger Ford, subjects an interior panel to his legendary impact resilience test.

photographs by Richard Whitbread

(bottom) 12 car unit 700109 was selected for the launch and inaugural run.

photograph by James Dixon

The reception in full swing Roger Ford's impact test in full swing
700109 at the buffer stop