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Thameslink 319 Refreshment

In conjunction with the resumption (on 16th May 2005) of the through working of Thameslink Services the class 319/4 fleet is now undergoing a "substantial refreshment" involving, amongst other things, re-upholstering of the seats, toilets being re-decorated in anti-vandal paint, recovered tables in 1st, new internal trim, new automatic door gear, a mechanical and electrical upgrade and traction motors being protected against very wet and snowy conditions.  Thameslink   are also introducing a new silver and blue livery which is believed to be applied by vinyl overlays.     class 319/0s are also having a complete refurbishment and were initially reported to be going into Thameslink  livery but 319004 has recently been spotted on the West Coast main line carrying Southern livery.

319455 in new silver/blue Thameslink livery at Brighton The new Thameslink livery as seen on 319455 at Brighton during the evening of 19th August 2005.

photograph by Colin Duff

319001 in albino livery Captured at Bedford Cauldwell, 319001 in overall white with blue doors which could possibly be the basis for the new Thameslink livery.

photograph by Cannington

319010 at Selhurts in overall blue livery One wonders if Selhurst had been doing livery experiments prior to a new livery for Thameslink being settled on.  Here is 319010 in a plain blue livery that is neither a base for the old or new Thameslink liveries.

photograph by Belgian Marine

319438 and 455830 in the shed at Selhurst

Seen in the shed at Selhurst during February 2004 are 319438 and 455830.

photograph by Belgian Marine