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458/5 Interiors

Interior of car 74458 of 458531

above, the interior of MSO car 74458 of unit 458531, photograph by "GB"

There are some who think the Juniper series of units superior to the Desiros and they have certainly been known for their light and airy interiors. 458531-458536 are converted from former Gatwick Express Class 460 units and the refurbished interiors are a pleasant modification to higher density purposes - note the plethora of handrails. The waist level "rib" distinctive of Juniper units is still apparent.

Interior of car 74446 of 458531 showing the wheelchair accessible lavatory

Coach letter K in unit 458534

above, the wheelchair accessible areas of car 74446 (458531) are certainly spacious,

photograph by "GB",

left, you may have noticed in these photos the rather large car letters. These units retain their original PIS which was never designed to show or announce the car number (to advise during selective door opening) so these mechanical displays, which are reversible to allow for different formations, have been provided. Train crew will be expected to operate these, though no doubt there will be ten car formations with two sets of cars A-E and F-K (presumably I is not used)!

photograph by James Dixon.