Ten Car Class 458/5 Press Launch
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Ten Car Class 458/5 Press Launch

On Friday 7th March 2014 South West Trains launched its "new" Class 458/5 trains to the press with a non-stop run between Waterloo and Windsor and Eton Riverside (which is expected to be the first route these units will work). The train, reporting number 1Z21, departed Waterloo Platform 20 - the former Waterloo International platform now available for "domestic" use and can easily take 10 car trains - at 13:05 and was due at its destination at 13:59.

458531 and 458534 approaching Clapham Junction on 7th March 2014 during the Press Launch

458531 and 458534 approaching Clapham Junction.
photograph by Ian Buck

The corridor connection between 458531 and 458534

This shot usefully shows the revised cab front corridor connections and also the long overhang beyond the front bogie that always was there, but the structural members were partially obscured by the side of the former front fairing.
photograph by Ian Buck

Comparing the front ends of 458005 and 458534 at Clapham Junction on 7th March 2014

A comparison of original and revised cab fronts. 8005 is the unit in Clapham Yard.
photograph by Ian Buck

458531 and 458534 approach Richmond on Friday 7th March 2014 with the 1Z21 non-stop press launch train

458531 and 458534 are seen above slowly approaching Richmond three minutes early and closing up on the preceding down Windsor & Eton Riverside service train.
photograph by Colin Duff

A pair of 458/5s entered passenger service on Monday 10th March on Waterloo to Windsor & Eton Riverside services, for more please click here.