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Thunderbird was "go" on the Lymington branch!

Given the date and time this is a happening that escaped most enthusiasts. Towards the evening on New Year's Day 3 Cig 1497, working the Lymington branch, started overheating. Rather than cancel the service, thunderbird Electro-Diesel 73235 was despatched from Bournemouth T&RSMD to work the unit in the push-pull mode for the remainder of the day's service.

driving crew pose next to 73235 at Lymington Pier station (left) captured at Lymington Pier station on Robbie Milson's (1497's guard) mobile telephone, left to right, are Driver Gary Robertson and Driver John MacDermot (73 235 crew) and Driver Brian King (1497), all of Bournemouth Depot.