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South West Trains livery spotted in the far north!

' plan to increase the capacity of its diesel unit fleet has involved exchanging its two car Class 170 Turbostar units for three car Class 159/1 units rebuilt/refurbished from Transpennine Express Class 158 units, plus (whilst surrendering the lease on its two non-Porterbrook two car refurbished 158s) leasing eleven former Transpennine Express two car Class 158s. Whilst the former SWT Class 170s have been vinyled into Transpennine Express livery and are being refurbished the two non-Porterbrook two car refurbished 158s have found gainful employment with First Scotrail.

158786, still in full SWT livery, at Inverness Not only have these units not been repainted/vinyled but they have also not even had their branding removed, as pictured here (look behind the open doors) by Tony Hillman at Inverness on 6th October. 158786 will be coupled to 170395 to form the 10.51 service to Edinburgh.