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Isle of Wight's third serviceable unit in maroon livery

Another Isle of Wight unit - 004 - has recently been re-painted into maroon livery. The first unit into this livery, 007, was re-painted in August 2000 but did not enter service until January 2003 following it being damaged in a flood at Ryde St. John's. A second unit, 009, was then repainted to provide a matched formation during the summer 4 car service. It is believed 002 has also been repainted however this unit is currently out of service. This just leaves 006 and 008 in promotional dinosaur livery and it is expected that these two will be repainted in due course.

004 at Ryde Pier Head on 8th February 2008 004 seen at Ryde Pier Head on 8th February 2008

photograph by Andy Long