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Desiro Derailment at Waterloo

450545 at the buffer stops, lterally, on platform 16 at Waterloo on 14th July 2008 Note the second car is out of alignment with the country end leading cars

In circumstances yet to be confirmed, this website will not repeat unsubstantiated rumours, on Sunday 13th July high capacity Desiro 450545 impacted with the buffer stops on platform 16 at Waterloo. The jolt back through the train appears to have caused the second car to displace the track and derail. No injuries were reported and it is not clear if the train was in service at the time. The unit is pictured here the next day. How close it is to the buffer stops can be judged from the railing and red markings on the platform. Note also how the second car is out of alignment with the remainder of the train.

photographs by Colin Price