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South West Trains ends operation of Class 170

In order to increase capacity on its diesel services has expanded its diesel unit fleet by exchanging with its eight class 170 two car units, introduced to service in December 2000, for two and three car class 158 units at least eight years older. These class 158 units have been extensively refurbished as the two car 15888x series (eleven units) and the three car 159/1 series (nine units). This is a net gain of 22 cars.

170308 in platform 5 at Waterloo waiting to work the 2120 Waterloo to Yeovil Junction service as far as Salisbury 170308 in platform 5 at Waterloo on 28th July awaiting its 21.20 departure to Salisbury, the last working of a Class 170 unit for .

photograph by Lawe

The last class 170 working for was the 1L69 21.20 Waterloo to Yeovil Junction service on Saturday 28th July, 170308 working with 159007 as far as Salisbury where it was detached and run into Salisbury depot. 170308 is also the last of its class with and was transferred to Clacton EMU depot as a staging post for on 2nd August.