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SWT's first refurbished Class 158 arrives

' plan to increase the capacity of its diesel unit fleet is involving exchanging with its two car Class 170 Turbostar units for three car Class 159/1 units rebuilt/refurbished from Class 158 units, plus (whilst surrendering the lease on its two non-Porterbrook two car refurbished 158s) leasing eleven former two car Class 158s. The first five two-car unit deliveries to Salisbury (158742, 158743, 158744, 158808 & 158814) were pressed into service in TPE livery in original condition but on Thursday 3rd May the first refurbished unit, 158888 (formerly 158802), was delivered. Note all doors are painted full height orange which is the new livery variation that commenced on refurbishments from u159107. In exchange 15808 went to Doncaster for refurbishment. This plan also includes the original Class 159 units, introduced by Network SouthEast, being refurbished and the first 159/0 is expected to depart for this soon.

bright and shiny 158888 arriving at Salisbury 158888 arriving at Salisbury on 3rd May

photographs by Oliver Ashmole
158888 shunting at Salisbury 158888 shunting at Salisbury