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Desiro in passenger service on the Lymington branch

Due to a combination of 3 Cig 1498 failing the previous day (resulting in the service being replaced by bus for the remainder of the day) and an engineering blockade preventing u1497 reaching Brockenhurst from Bournemouth, class 450 Desiro 450084 was pressed into passenger service on the Lymington branch on Sunday 24th September 2006.  Although the class 450 was cleared for use on the branch on 26th January 2005 this is the first use of a Desiro in passenger service on the branch.  The first round trip of the day was used as a test (despite the class being already cleared) and passengers were carried from the 11.59 from Brockenhurst to Lymington Pier service.

450084 at Lymington Pier 450084 at Lymington Pier station whilst the driver changes ends.

photograph by Stephen Hodgson

Although the contingency for these units to work the branch has been in existence for 18 months it will be interesting to see if these actual workings hasten the demise of using "heritage" units on the branch - platform length at Lymington Town station and ability to keep to the tight 30 minute schedule not withstanding.