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5739 - the 34th SWT refurbished 455 into service

The refurbishment programme of class 455/7 fleet continues apace. 5739 was the 34th unit to be refurbished, being sent to Chart Leacon on the 6th April 2006 and returned to Wimbledon Park on the 26th May. Monday June 5th 2006 was the unit's first day in service in its new finery working diagram WM650 coupled to 5709

5739 at Kingston on the 5th June The unit is seen here on that day at Kingston with the 14.19 anti-clockwise "roundabout" service to Waterloo via Wimbledon

photograph by Colin Duff
5739 at Chart Leacon - refurbishment almost complete 5739 a few weeks earlier being worked on at Chart Leacon

photograph by Mike Cook