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First 159/1 Unit Enters Service

first 159/1 unit 159102, formerly unit 158803, entered service this week.

159102 coupled to 170307 at Waterloo on 12th December 2006 159102 at Waterloo on 12th December coupled to 170307 having worked the 14.45 service from Salisbury. It is confirmed that the unit also worked (at least) the 10.45 Salisbury-Waterloo and 12.50 Waterloo-Salisbury services.

photograph by Don Benn
Immaculate interior of 159102 The immaculate interior of 159102 which the photographer comments was a shame to let passengers use!

photograph by Don Benn

It is also confirmed that two of 170 units, 170301 and 170302 departed the south on Monday 11th December heading for .