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377/6 Debut on East Coastway

377613 working towards Brighton at Cooden Beach on 7th April 2016

photograph by Chris Livings

For at least two consecutive days in the week commencing 4th April 2016 Class 377/6 units worked limited East Coastway services. On Wednesday 6th 377606 worked the 2F04 05:32 to Ore and was seen departing Hastings eastbound at 07:57. The unit then worked the 2D08 08:22 to Brighton. As far as we can establish, unless it was taken off the diagram at Brighton it then worked the 2D21 09:52 to Ore and the 1F21 1150 Ore to Victoria, thus getting the unit back onto home ground.

The next day it was 377613's turn, and is pictured above at Cooden Beach whilst working 2D08.

There were no further reports of 377/6s on East Coastway duties, if you know otherwise please e mail us.