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377s in Multiple in Jubilee Sidings

Multiple 377s in Tonbridge Jubilee Sidings on 18th November, 377124+another, 377465 and 377163

photograph by Colin Price

Putting the "multiple" into units! There was a plethora (OK, so the OED says this is a naughty exaggerated use of the word!) on 377s in Jubilee Sidings Tonbridge on 18th November 2014. There was the 8 car on the left ready to work 11:19 Tonbridge - London Bridge (377124 + another, note the lighter yellow warning panel on the left of 124's cab), in the middle 377465 has arrived from the 09:45 London Bridge - Tonbridge to berth for the afternoon. Another unit was not scheduled to be here, 377163 on the right is assumed to be a failure.