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Additional 377/6 Order

On 25th November 2012, announced it has taken up an option with Bombardier for an additional 40 Class 377/6 vehicles. This is a run-on to the existing class 377/6 order of 130 vehicles currently under construction, the order for which was placed in December 2011.

The class 377/6 units will be formed into 5 car units. They will use the same bodyshell as the class 379 units in service with Greater Anglia, but will be technically similar to the class 377/5 units currently in service with .

The original 130 vehicles were ordered to replace the class 377/5 units that were on loan to , after it was announced that the 377/5 loan was to become a permanent transfer. All 130 vehicles should be delivered in time for the December 2013 timetable changes. The additional 40 vehicles will be delivered by December 2014, providing additional capacity on and allowing the cascade of class 456 units to .

In addition to this order, are in discussion with the Department for Transport for a potential order for another order of 116 dual voltage EMU vehicles capable of running at 110mph, with an option of 100 extra vehicles. If the DfT accept the business case for this order, the order will be open to all manufacturers.