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The Regency Javelin

The Regency Javelin ticket
In November each year since 2014 our friends UK Railtours has run a charity rail tour to raise funds for The Royal British Legion and Southeastern have decorated and named a unit to publicise the Poppy Appeal and highlight the valour and sacrifices made during The Great War. The last two digits of the unit number match the year it was so named, it being removed the following November. This year 395016 was named "Somme 100" to mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme and its enormous loss of life on both sides. 395016 was coupled to last year's unit, 395015, oriented so that both power driving trailer standard open "B end" cars were coupled together so that the unit names on the "A cars" were at either end of the formation.
The Regency Javelin map

The copyright of UK Railtours for the above map is acknowledged.

This year's route was basically a figure of eight with branches off involving reversals. Not all reversals, for instance at Redhill and Preston Park, are shown on the map. The key and very important feature of the tour this year was that for the first time it took Class 395 units carrying fare paying passengers well off Southeastern territory, reaching as far west as Littlehampton, taking a break at Brighton (hence the "Regency" in the tour's title) and then on to Eastbourne and Hastings, where Javelins have previously visited before heading back to St. Pancras International a circuitous way round via Rochester.

Whilst the Webmaster had a ticket for this tour unfortunately he missed it due to being struck down by a Winter Vomiting Virus nine hours before the tour was due to depart. So this item is compiled from material donated by contributors. It is projected that 2017's tour will go even further off Southeastern territory, so to avoid a repeat the Webmaster will go into isolation for a week before the tour!

395015 at St Pancras International before departure

photograph by Simon Jeffs

(above) Representatives of The Royal British Legion were present at every major stop. This is at St. Pancras International prior to departure. 395016 led the tour for this first leg with 395015, seen here, trailing.

395016 leading 395105 into Redhill from Tonbridge

photograph by Colin Price

(above) The weather throughout the tour was grey, wet and grim. 395016 is seen here approaching a damp Redhill from the Tonbridge direction for the first reversal of the day.

395015 and 395016 passing Horley shwoing matching poppies

photograph by John Chisholm

(above) Not very much later, a bit further south Horley does not look so damp. This shows how the two units were coupled together symmetrically.

395015 at Three Bridges, the boy has celebrated his 12th birthday with a cab ride

photograph by Simon Jeffs

(above) For this leg of the tour 395015 led and is seen here at Three Bridges prior to taking (we will use the traditional title) the Mid Sussex Line down to the coast. The young boy seen in this picture was celebrating his 12th birthday and had just been on a cab ride. It was said that as a consequence he wants to be a Southeastern High Speed driver when he grows up!