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RVAR Compliant Lavatories for Class 465 Units

Wheelchair accessible lavatory on 465909

all photographs on this page by Chris Redshaw

To ensure their long term survival RVAR (Railway Vehicle Access Regulations) compliant lavatories are now being fitted to Class 465 units. The new wheelchair accessible lavatory area on 465909 is pictured above. This area is denoted on the exterior of the car by a horizontal wide maroon line towards the top of the doors (pictured below left) - this arrangement being similar to as denoted on the new blue livery Southeastern Class 375 units. Also noted on 465909 (pictured below right) are navy blue surrounds to the windows on the doors. On further inspection it is suspected that they a completely new set of doors fitted to this particular unit. 

Horizontal wide maroon line on doors D2 and D1 of 465909 Doors B2 and B1 of unit 465909 showing navy blue surrounds to the windows in the doors