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First SouthEastern Electrostar for Mid-Life Refurbishment

57306 hauls 375301 through Headcorn on 11th April 2015 on its way to Bombardier Derby Litchurch Lane
photograph by Chris Livings

57306 hauls 375301 through Headcorn on Saturday 11th April 2015 en-route to Bombardier at Derby Litchurch Lane. 375301 is the first of Southeastern's Electrostar units to go for a mid-life refurbishment. It is understood this will involve, amongst other things, first class accommodation being moved to a centre car and the exterior will receive a new purple (High-Speed like) livery. More details of this refurbishment will be published once they become available. It was expected that 375303 would be the first unit away, but 375301 was coupled to the locomotive at Ramsgate Depot.