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12 Car Networker Workings Commence

photograph by Martin Clitheroe

On Monday 12th January a small number of Class 465 Networker workings became 12 car. These are believed to be:
2D03 04:56 Gravesend via Sidcup to Cannon Street 06:00
2S05 06:09 Cannon Street to Sevenoaks 06:59
2F13 07:17 Sevenoaks to Cannon Street 08:08
2S17 08:19 Cannon Street to Orpington

2P90 05:43 Hither Green to Charing Cross 06:05
2S08 06:36 Charing Cross to Sevenoaks 07:24
2F15 07:37 Sevenoaks to Cannon Street 08:26
2E37 08:36 Cannon Street via Greenwich to Barnehurst 09:34
2C25 09:38 Barnehurst via Greenwich to Cannon Street

2D17 07:28 Gravesend to Cannon Street 08:35
2O25 08:44 Cannon St via Greewich then via Sidcup to Cannon St 10:23

2N55 17:21 Cannon Street to Gravesend 18:23
2D66 18:32 Gravesend to Charing Cross 19:31
Note only two evening peak workings

Above the 2D17 07:28 Gravesend to Cannon Street working is seen approaching St. John's on the first morning.