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Paddock Wood Post HS1 Domestic Services

Since the start of domestic services on the High Speed line, there are only two 8 car Networker workings at Paddock Wood each day, the 08+07 Charing Cross - Tonbridge which runs via Paddock Wood, and 16.57 Charing Cross - Ashford. There are, of course, the single 466 workings on the Medway Valley line.

465922 + 465902 arrive at Paddock Wood with 08+07 Charing Cross on the 8th June 2011.

photograph by Colin Price
375804+375621+375809  non-stopping at Paddock Wood working the 08:53 Charing Cross to Ashford on June 8th 2011 In addition only one passenger train is now booked non stop through Paddock Wood. Since the May 22nd 2011 timetable change the 08:53 Charing Cross - Ashford is booked non stop Tonbridge to Ashford (in a rather leisurely 30 minutes). On the 8th June 375804+375621+375809 worked this train. It is running 12 car vice 11 as it is actually booked to have a 3 car leading.

photograph by Colin Price