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New Class 375 Livery Variation

has, of late, become reknown for its livery variations on Class 465/6 and more recently Class 395, but now the first class branding on Class 375 units is being changed.

Existing first class branding on a class 375 Here, left, the existing branding consisting of narrow cantrail yellow stripe, circular sticker on the window and bold lower case "first class" lettering. Note the variation in colouring on this lettering is a photographic artifact of the reflective vinyl lettering.
New first class branding on a class 375 The new version on a unit with the fading midnight blue lower band. Broad cantrail yellow stripe, no window sticker, finer lower case "first class" lettering with a white "1" on a blue patch

It is probably far more complicated than this.  The three different elements might not be changed at the same time. It has been noticed that many window stickers have been removed without the other alterations.

photographs taken at Faversham by "GB"