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376 Rescues 375

376020 hauling 375628 out of Cannon Street on 23rd January 2009
376020 (left) coupled to 375628 (right) at London bridge photographs by Colin Price

On Friday 23rd January 2009 375628 working the 13:14 to Ashford from Cannon Street came to a halt just outside of the London terminus. It has not been reported whether the unit had a fault or became gapped. There were no 375s in the vicinity to assist so 376020, on an up service, was terminated at London Bridge and used to haul its mainline sister into London Bridge.
It is known that there have been trials of both classes of unit working together - door release from one unit to another is not possible - but this is possibly the first time this combination has been used in anger outside of a depot. Luckily Colin Price was at London Bridge on his way home from work, realised the significance of the event and was able to record it for posterity.

Colin's photographs also provide an interesting comparison of the external similarities and differences between the two related types of unit.