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Southeastern 375s on loan to Southern

As part of the cross-industry co-operation to permit the new Thameslink timetable to be introduced on 23rd March despite a shortage on new Class 377/5 units, have loaned three Class 375/9 units to . These are working the 07:33 Brighton - London Bridge & 17:47 London Bridge to Bognor services. They stable at Streatham Hill between the peaks. Initially 375905, 375921 and 375924 were the units loaned.

The same three units remain in service with as they have received modifications to their passenger information systems and have been fitted with route maps and safety information. However they spent a night back on home territory - at West Marina - between 25th and 26th April. It is believed they received a heavy clean there. They previously returned to Ramsgate 17th - 18th April for maintenance.

375905 375921 & 375924 passing St. Leonards, Brighton bound,  on 26th April Here the units are pictured passing St. Leonards on their way back to Brighton on 26th April.
photograph by Christopher Livings
375905, 375921 and 375924 heading south through Earlswood on 21st April 375905, 375921 and 375924 heading south through Earlswood on 21st April with the 17:47 London Bridge - Bognor service.

photograph by Colin Price
375905, 375924 & 375921 at Horley on 27th March 2009 On 27th March the formation was 375905, 375924 and 375921 and is seen here at twilight at Horley.

photograph by Colin Price
375924, 375905 & 375921 at Three Bridges on 30th March 2009 Three days later, into British Summer Time so lighter in the morning and evening, and we follow the trio, now marshalled as 375924, 375905 and 375921 in to London Bridge, seen here at Three Bridges.

photograph by Ian Buck
375924, 375905 & 375921 at Penge West on 30th March 2009 Penge West.

photograph by Colin Price
375924, 375905 & 375921 at Norwood Junction on 30th March 2009 continuing from the previous page, Norwood Junction.

photograph by Ian Docwra
375921 + 375905 + 375924 at London Bridge on 2nd April 2009 it is the 2nd of April now and the same trio are still on this diagram. Of course Class 375s are a common sight at London Bridge ,including in the terminus platforms , but not regularly on workings.

photograph by Ian Docwra