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Southeastern's six 508s to be reprieved?

From the December 10th 2006 timetable change the number of diagrams for class 508 units reduced from nine to just four diagrams, GI391- GI394. As a result half of the former fleet of twelve has being placed into "warm" store.  508202, 508206 and 508209 moved to Chart Leacon for store on 14th December 2006 and on 19th December 508204 piloted 508201 and 508205 from Gillingham to Chart.  508212 remains in storage at Gillingham Depot.

This unit has been out of service for many months and its Track Safety Certificate has expired.  Additionally, it has been used as the depot's "Christmas Tree" (ready source of spare parts).  508204 is legendarily unreliable and it has now been exchanged with the stored previously better performing 508205. So the remaining fleet of six comprises 508203, 508205, 508207, 508208, 508210 and 508211, though 508210 is out of service and has recently exchanged a trailer with 508212. It was confidently expected that these would also be withdrawn in the near to medium term future however news is coming in that from 1st June these units are to have C3/C4 exams plus interior and exterior refurbishment done at Doncaster.

Back in Connex days 508207 departing Gatwick Airport for Redhill Back in Connex days 508207 departs Gatwick Airport for Redhill on 12th May 2000

photograph by Colin Duff
Southeastern 508208 at Redhill 22nd September 2005 and the only 508 unit in Southeastern livery, 508208, seen here at Redhill

photograph by Belgian Marine