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Class 378 testing continues

378 005 at Stratford on 29th July 2009 on the 13:07 to Richmond

Class 378/0 will be used on the North London Line, West London Line and the Watford Line. There of 24 units in this class, each unit have 3 carriages.

In 2011, this class with be reclassified as 378/2 when the units gain an additional carriage. A further 10 4-car units have been ordered and will arrive in 2010

They are dual voltage units taking current from overhead wires (25kV AC) or from third rail (750V DC)

The units are numbered from 378 001 to 378 024

(above) 378008 in service on the approach to Richmond on 23rd Septemeber 2009

photograph by Ian Parish

378 137 at Edenbridge, 28th September 2009

Class 378/1 will be used on the East London Line. There will be 23 units in this class, each unit have 4 carriages. Unlike the 370/0, these units can only use third rail (750V DC).

The units will be numbered from 378 135 to 378 154

(above) 378 137 on a test run between Ashford Chart Leacon depot and Redhill. The unit is seen approaching Grants Lane, Edenbridge on its first run on 28th September 2009

photograph by Barrie Swann