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Former Cig MBSO at Edinburgh

Former Cig MBSO 62287 at Edinburgh Waverley on 19th December 2014

Former Southern Electric rolling stock can travel far and wide - especially when converted for use by Network Rail. Here is former 4Cig MBSO 62287 (ex 1303/1816/1237/7337) at Edinburgh Waverley on 19th December 2014!  This car has been converted for use in the Network Rail Ultrasonic Test Train UTU2.  It is quite recognisable in these photographs, but has been significantly altered on the other side, looking more like an air-conditioned Mk2 coach. See

The train had arrived from Mossend to work 3Q14 18:33 Edinburgh to Heaton.  It was propelled by 31465, which would once have been a very rare visitor to Scotland, but the driving trailer, 9714, was back on its original territory, having been originally converted for push-pull services on the Glasgow – Edinburgh line.

photographs by "GB"