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East Croydon Platform Raising

North end of platform with only far end complete

all photographs on this page are by Stuart Hicks, taken on 3rd May 2016

Work progressed throughout May raising the height of the platforms at East Croydon whilst this extremely busy station remained in use.

(above) The very north end of this platform is complete with new edges, tactile strips and tarmac centre but less than a car length down the centre has still to be raised with temporary ramps in place.

(below left) Further down whilst new edge slabs are in place there are temporary infill boards awaiting installation of new tactile strips.

(below right) Note that the new platform edges do not protrude so much.

(bottom) The end of "work in progress" is quite clear!

Temporary infill in place of tactile strips Original platform edge protruding more than the new
Demarkation of temporary end of new work