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Class 319 Livery Changes

319365 in Thameslink Programme livery passing Swanley on 13th April 2012

It is not easy to capture the full effect of the garish "Thameslink Programme" livery in any photograph let alone a small format one, but we believe this location outside of Swanley displays it best, or ought that to be worst, advantage? 319365 is captured here on 13th April 2012.

photograph by Pat Seale

319003 in Southern livery branded for FCC

Let's try to confuse the passengers as much as we can shall we? An illustration of the sort of nonsense caused by the way the privatised railway is more into branding and corporate image and company business rather than "joined-up" approach against rival modes of transport - 319003 in livery overbranded for , as seen at Wimbledon West Junction on 6th September 2006

photograph by Colin Duff

319362 at Selhurst

Thameslink Metro livery not yet over-branded for - 319362 at Selhurst at 14.24 on a wet 21st May 2006.

photograph by Belgian Marine