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Second 377/5 arrives

377505 and 377131 at Selhurst depot The second 377/5 to be delivered, 377504, departed Derby on February 17th and is seen here at Selhurst three days later, when in the late evening it made its first test run to London Bridge, thence down to Brighton. Overnight the 25th/26th the pair made test runs Selhurst - London Bridge, London Bridge - Brighton, then Brighton - Victoria, Victoria - Three Bridges, Three Bridges - Victoria, Victoria - Gatwick Airport and Gatwick Airport - Selhurst.

Overnight 26th/27th February 377501 + 377504 made it to Milton Keynes from Selhurst. Having completed commissioning, 377501 was transferred to 's Bedford Cauldwell depot on Friday 27th February. With ongoing delays to construction of Class 377/5 units, as mentioned below, it will not be possible to have all 23 units of the sub-class available for the Thameslink Project "Key Output Zero" deadline of being service on 23rd March. It is believed that all 15 Class 377/2 units will be loaned by to , with 's East Croydon - Milton Keynes service being run by Class 350/1 units (4 units required). How to make up the remaining shortfall of units available to has yet to be announced but may involve a cascade including additional Class 442 units from store at Eastleigh.

Photograph by Bob Green