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4mm scale mass-produced ready to run EMUs - Hornby Dublo

Below are illustrations of 4mm scale EMUs  produced ready-to-run by major manufacturers. Details of how to contact manufacturers and suppliers can be found in our modelling contacts section.

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Hornby Dublo 2250/3250+4150 ... BR Class 501 marketed as 2EPB
Hornby Dublo EMU - click to view larger picture
Appearing between 1962 and 1965, this was the most desired model of the day for Southern Electric fans - well the few that could afford Hornby Dublo prices!  Although the cars numbered S65326+S77511 are of a BR 2EPB this model is actually of a LMR 57ft 501 unit.  It features a mighty ringfield motor but only driving one axle and was fitted with traction tyres.  This makes it capable of hauling itself but not much else, though that is all that was required of the real size units.  The model pictured was bought in the nick of time just as the Hornby Dublo company went bankrupt, though financial sacrifices had to be made to acquire it!
Hornby Dublo EMU - click to view larger picture