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4mm scale mass-produced ready to run EMUs - Bachmann MLV

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Bachmann MLV S68001 BR Green - click to view larger picture

Released in quick succession towards the end of July 2012 Bachmann's Motor Luggage Van model completes (hopefully just for now, maybe a 2Hap/Sap/4Cap to follow eventually?) their trilogy of Kent Coast Mk1 EMU models. Produced to the same extremely high standard as their 4Cep and 2EPB models, there are appropriate detail variations between the three.

31-265 S68001 BR(S) green
31-266 S68006 BR(S) green with small yellow warning panels
31-267 S68009 BR blue & grey livery

Bachmann MLV S68006 BR Green with small yellow warning panel - click to view larger picture
Bachmann MLV S68009 BR Blue & Grey - click to view larger picture
Bachmann MLV S68008 Jaffa Cake - click to view larger picture

The second batch of Motor Luggage Vans from Bachmann appeared in June 2014. Of the four liveries produced two are regular catalogue items and two are limited editions.

31-269 in London & South East Sector ("Jaffa Cake" - unlined version) livery S68008

Bachmann MLV 68004 NSE - click to view larger picture 31-268 in Network SouthEast livery 68004/9004
Bachmann MLV S68004 BR Blue - click to view larger picture Invicta Model Rail commissioned 31-267Z in BR Corporate Blue S68004
Bachmann MLV 9004 Royal Mail REd- click to view larger picture whilst for its members the Bachmann Collectors' Club had its parent company produce 31-265K in Royal Mail (1980s) red livery 68004/9004