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Graham Farish 2mm scale 4Cep

Graham Farish 4Cep in  BR blue and grey livery

Cab front on blue and grey 4Cep

Introduced in 2011 there are 3 variations:

372-675 BR green with whistle

372-676 BR green with yellow warning panels
and roof horns

372-677 BR Blue/Grey

These are a smaller scale version of the OO CEPs. The motor is hidden in the brake compartment and part of the passenger saloon of a driving motor coach and has electrical pick-ups and all wheels. They are DCC ready but have no electrical connections between the carriages due to standard Rapido couplings being used; consequently two 6 pin decoders are required if operating under Digital Command Control. Dummy buck eye couplings are supplied along with short Rapido couplings to be used on large radius curves.

Graham Garish BR green 4Cep with small yellow warning panels

Pictures and information from David Morton.