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Kernow Second Production Thumpers

Kernow Model Rail Centre have recently announced their long-awaited second batch of 2H units with an anticipated delivery date during the third quarter of 2015.  Kernow have decided there is insufficient demand for two versions of BR(S) green with small yellow warning panels so all pre-orders have been transferred to the solitary version. 

The second batch will be:
31-236X 1121 in BR(S) green with small yellow warning panel
31-238Z 1122 in BR blue
31-239Z 205001 in unbranded Network SouthEast livery
(add DS to the suffix for digital sound versions)

Kernow have repeated that it is currently uneconomic to produce a centre car for 3H representations and that no pictorial evidence has yet been found of a 2H in BR blue and grey livery.

Unfortunately the significant rises in production costs in China have resulted in a steep rise in price for this second batch of 2Hs.  Projected at £149.99 in 2009 they will now cost £210, with a £10.01 discount for pre-orders.  The digital sound version will be £100 more.