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Hornby's Latest Class 395

Broadside view of two cars of Hornby's R3185 395004
Javelin branding on the cab side Hornby's latest Class 395 model is the first which can truly be called a "Javelin" as R3185 395004 represents a unit as running during and after the London 2012 Olympics when they carry "Javelin" branding and are named after distinguished British Olympian athletes.
A feature of this class are the signatures of the athletes they are named after and this representation of Sir Chris Hoy's signature is as clear as it is on the real thing! Sir Chrs Hoy's signature
395004 cab front

Also featuring on this version of the model is the the yellow painted fairing "scoops" which clarifies the orientation of the unit so it is clear which end of the unit has the wheelchair accessible accommodation and lavatory.

Please note, Hornby have confirmed that they will not be producing the additional motor standard cars (cars 4 and 5) for this four car train pack. Hornby still have additional motor standard cars for their previous two Class 395 versions in stock and they advise renumbering these if you require additional cars for this new version. An opportunity for an enterprising transfer manufacturer!